Cosmetic Treatments

Porcelain veneers are thin shells of porcelain that are bonded to the front surface of your own teeth. They can improve the shape, size, colour and position of your teeth. Veneers can close spaces between teeth, lengthen small or misshapen teeth, or hide darkly stained teeth. Veneers do not change colour over time and can provide you with a youthful, long lasting smile.

Ceramic Crowns
A dental crown may be used if a tooth is badly broken down, is poorly shaped or positioned. Unlike a veneer, a crown covers your entire tooth. Originally crowns were made of gold; more often on the NHS they are precious metal more silver in colour. It is possible to bond porcelain to the metal foundation to give a better appearance. However, they often appear dull and lifeless and it is not un-common to be able to see the metal showing as grey or black line around the gum line. Recent advances in ceramic technology means we can now produce crowns without any metal component which are better looking and incredibly strong. They can be bonded directly to your tooth giving a fabulously natural look that feels great. Ceramic crowns are the treatment of choice for all your front teeth.

If you have lost a tooth or one failed to develop it possible to replace the missing tooth using a dental bridge. The replaced tooth is essentially a dental crown and it is held in place by being attached to one or more other crowns which attach to your own teeth. A bridge can be made of both bonded porcelain to metal, particularly when replacing missing back teeth, or entirely from ceramic which is aesthetically better and is the option of choice for front teeth. A bridge will fill those unsightly spaces without having to wear a denture. It is fixed in and looks natural.

Dental implants are small devices which are, in effect, false tooth roots. Made out of titanium, they are paced into the jaw bone and allowed to bond with the bone giving a very secure false root. This can then be used to replace missing teeth by attaching a single crown, bridge or denture. Implant borne crowns and bridges look superb and are very secure. Implant borne denture give unparalled fit and appearance. We work closely with our colleague Dr Liam McGrath in Thornton Hough to offer you the full range of implant options at the most competitive prices.

Tooth Whitening
We offer the clinically proven Wyten tooth whitening system, using either a take home tray system or a UV light activated chair side procedure. These latest gel formulations can whiten teeth by several shades safely, without damage to teeth and no discomfort.
If you want a subtle improvement in tooth shade the take home tray system is ideal. Generally you will need to wear a comfortable light mouth tray for four hours each day for up to two weeks.
For a more dramatic change in tooth shade the UV light activated chair side procedure can achieve fantastic results in one hour.

Facial Line Treatments
We offer Dysport Botulinum toxin to treat those unwanted facial lines on the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes. It is painlessly injected into the skin. The effects develop fully after two weeks and last between 4-6 months. The treatment aim is to produce a natural youthful appearance, not a static mask look. The treatment is entirely reversible.
For those persistent deeper lines and creases we offer the latest non-permanent hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. These materials are also injected into the skin. The material does contain anaesthetic, but generally we offer either topical or local anaesthetic to ensure pain free application. Besides removing deeper lines and creases, the material can be used to give lips greater definition, shape and fullness. The resulting natural youthful appearance generally lasts 6-9 months and is entirely reversible.
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